The first experience a child has with school  affects their outlook on school and learning. 

Our philosophy at Our Lady of Mercy Regional Nursery and Preschool is to facilitate and expose children to an atmosphere where their physical, emotional, and spiritual growth in learning and discovering is organic and satisfying.

 This age of curiosity is enhanced by a program designed to take each child at their level and watch them grow. Our program ties our faith in with all the goals of making the time of discovery fun filled and exciting.

The children will socialize, share, play, build, paint, and sing. They will become more aware of how independent they are capable of being and feel positive about their accomplishments.

We enjoy using a literature-based approach where the children hear many stories during the year. Using literature as a base, the day's activities center around a particular book or theme. The children love story-time and respond well; illustrating this through pictures, retelling, and dramatization.

All of our hands-on materials are age appropriate and the children have options during "free-play" time to exhibit preference and creativeness. Our quiet activities include experimenting with play - doh, doing puzzles, stringing beads or art activities that enhance cognitive development. 

It is our hope that this valuable time spent with us will be memorable and provide the readiness for kindergarten. 

​For a tour with one of the OLM family please call at  (631) 734-5166.