Mrs. Melanie Julian Preschool 3

Our Lady of Mercy Preschool 3
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Preschool 3 Schedule 

Students arrive
Morning prayer and circle time
Religion lessons
E.L.A. & math lessons
Outside play/ music & movement
Smart board lessons & AM pick up
Lunch & rest time
Creative play
Fine motor activities 
PM pick up

We are continuing to work on following the rules of the classroom. We are having fun playing in all different centers, including play-doh, the kitchen, trains, and little people doll houses and animals.

Each week we will focus on a letter, shape, color and number.
All of my lessons are pre-skills in academics.  We learn through play and creativity.  

Our classroom saying- Everyone neat and pretty and on with the show ( Walt Disney)

Pre-K 3 Specials

Monday - Gym
Tuesday - Music
Wednesday - Gym
Thursday - Art
Friday - Art

November Songs

Creation Song
Share the Spirit