Physical Education

Class Rules: "Rules = Safety"
 As the school year has been going each class has discussed what they thought was a beneficial
list of rules to not only keep us safe, but to enhance our learning experience and make the most of our time in P.E.!

  1. Always come prepared
  2. Listen when the teacher or a classmate is speaking
  3. Demonstrate good sportsmanship
  4. Honesty will allow for fair play
  5. Always try your best!

How to be Prepared:
Dress code is important for students to not only be comfortable but will also allow them to be prepared to participate in all activities in a SAFE manor.

  • PE shorts and/or sweatpants pending weather
  • PE T-shirt and/or sweatshirt pending weather
  • Socks and athletic sneakers with laces or velcro
  • Long hair tied back or pulled back with a headband
  • Water Bottle
  • Use the bathroom BEFORE we come to P.E.