Mrs. Harrigan's Art Page

"One of arts most important functions is to tell stories without words."

We have certainly enjoyed the winter in Art Class!
The children enjoyed drawing a wild horse and naming their horse. I enjoyed sharing what I learned during my plein air workshop, at Assateague Island, painting wild horses.
The winter affords us so many beautiful scenes to paint and draw so we created a winter scene using crayons, markers,white chalk.  Each project we learn more about the elements of  art and also learn about important artists. We learned a little about the artist Kandinsky and created our own Kandinsky like painting with overlapping shapes and saturated colors. The older grades have just finished up their water color birch trees in winter, while the younger children have finished their little white owl watercolor and red cardinal collage.
It certainly has been a busy and fun winter but now we are looking forward to the spring!

"Blessed are they who see beautiful things in humble places where other people see nothing" ~ Camille Pissarro

The children are finishing up their beautiful Vincent Van Gogh sunflower paintings from real sunflowers. They learned about expressionism,different brush strokes when painting and using lights and darks in composition. They are starting to sow their seeds of creativity!