Mrs. Harrigan's Art Page

November 2017
Art Class

 "Every Child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up." ~ Pablo Picasso


The students have had a great start to the year by writing what they think art is, using examples from the the book "Art Is". Their responses were just a sentence but very insightful and we enjoyed sharing.

Next the students painted a Matisse inspired still-life of apples, which they drew from real apples and a bowl I brought to class. They worked with pastels and watercolor paint on this project. Each child's art was so individual and beautiful. The students enjoyed the process. Some of their paintings are hanging in the school hallway.

 The Pre-k classes started out learning about mixing primary colors. I read "Mouse Paint", which the children enjoyed so much, then they colored their own mice with the colors they are learning about. The Pre-k students have also made painted apples and pumpkins, fall trees using paper towel rolls and paint, mixed colors in a zip lock bag and used chalk pastels to make their own bats.

The older grades etched on etching paper to recreate the look of scrimshaw. After etching with paper clips they colored their fall leaves with oil pastels then rubbed away the color to discover that the color stayed in their beautiful etchings. It was a fun process for them.

Some grades have worked on contour cats using fun fluorescent paint and using complementary colors. They also enjoyed the book "Monsters Love Color" and making their own monsters. The students have also painted fall inspired pictures with chalk pastels and had fun creating their own David from the book series "No, David!"by David Shannon.

Second through sixth also had the chance to create their own cardboard sculptures. The students really had a great time doing this project. I enjoyed watching them use their imaginations and art skills to figure out what they were going to make and how to go about it. The last step was painting them. All of the cardboard creations came out awesome and they were  all so proud of them.

Now we are on to Thanksgiving and I am having my students work on Gratitude Feathers. We have so much to be grateful for and I am enjoying how the children are expressing their gratitude! 
I am so blessed to be able to teach all these talented children!

Painting Easel.png