Mrs. Holly Haas

I hope everyone had a blessed and restful Easter and is enjoying our spring break. When we head back to school next week we will only have a short 8 weeks left together. Plans are already underway for some warm weather field trips and our "Moving-Up" celebration.
This last trimester will be filled with exciting and challenging things in both math and ELA. We have met all of our Superkids and are being introduced to their Superkids Club. Our sight words will increase considerably. I encourage you to go over the list daily. Most of these words are not words that the children can decode so they must just commit them to memory. We will be using these sight words more and more in our small guided reading groups as we sharpen our reading comprehension skills. We have been and will continue to work on numbers 10-20 and will eventually look at numbers up to 100.  We will also study geometry with both 2 and 3D shapes.
In science and social studies our attention will focus on spring and all the changes that are happening around us. We are currently studying plants and their needs and will soon be looking at the life cycle of seeds. With the celebration of Earth Day we will once again touch upon our responsibilities as community members to take care of this wonderful place that God gave us. We will also explore what maps are and what their usefulness is to us now and in the past.
Interwoven throughout each day and each lesson is the reason we are all part of this special community to begin with. It is so rewarding to watch the youngest of students begin to see themselves as part of a bigger picture than just themselves. We all make decisions every single day that somehow or another effect others. Learning to live as Jesus did is challenging but so rewarding and our students are anxious to make good choices and "share the spirit" we have all come to love! 

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As always, I thank you for your support and commitment to Our Lady of Mercy. If
you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me-

Special Schedule:
Mon- gym
Tues- music
Wed- gym
Thurs- art
Fri- tech/art
*Please be sure to wear the gym uniform and sneakers on Mon and Wed. Thank you!!