Mrs. Holly Haas

The first few weeks have been quite successful and we are settling in nicely to our daily routine. Each day brings new and exciting challenges and we are working hard as a team to meet those challenges head on! 
Our ela and math programs have gotten underway. Please be aware that as we meet the Superkid characters work begins in a new workbook. When we finish the workbook it is sent home for you to review and practice with your child. Math classwork is sent home daily. Practice in counting, number recognition and writing of numbers is always encouraged.Science and social studies are theme based and often intertwined. Lots of thematic activities are interspersed throughout our day.
Religion for the first few weeks will focus on how we treat each other and God's rules for us. 

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 I thank you for your support and commitment to Our Lady of Mercy. If
you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me-

Special Schedule:
Mon- gym
Tues- music
Wed- gym
Thurs- art
Fri- tech/art
*Please be sure to wear the gym uniform and sneakers on Mon and Wed. Thank you!!