Encouraging self-help skills is an important step to preparing your child for kindergarten. Independence is critical for helping your child adjust to school.. Teachers may expect children to:

  • Get coats on and off and hang them up 
  • Follow simple two-step instructions such as "take off your boots and put on your sneakers"
  • Go to the bathroom and wash their hands 
  • Blow their nose and cover their mouth when they cough 
  • Fasten and unfasten simple buttons and snaps 
  • Eat neatly and pour into a cup 
  • Open up a juice box and get the straw in.

Basic Letter and Number Recognition
Kindergarten teachers believe that it is their responsibility to teach kids letter sounds and how to write, but they do hope incoming students can recognize most letters by sight. They also hope children can count to 10, identify numbers 1 to 5, and know some shapes and colors. Children should also be able to write their First and Last name and be able to identify the letters and sounds in their name.