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This year we will learn about the books of the Old Testament through our religion book and readings from the bible.  as well as  the seven sacraments and the sacramentals involved in each.  Additionally, we will learn about the Holocaust, the similarities between Catholicism and Judaism, the importance of being an up-stander, and what bullying behavior is and ways to stand up to bullying.

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Math Topics
Grade 5 
Understand place value from milllions to thousandths
Add, subtract, multiply,  and divide with decimals
Operations with fractions and mixed numbers
Understand the relationship between fractions and decimals 
Analyze and interpret data
Graphing on the coordinate plane
Grade 6
Solving algebraic expressions and equations
Understanding unit rates and ratios, as well as the relation of ratios to fractions
Exploring the relationship between decimals, fractions, and percents
Converting units of measurement
Use formulas to find area, surface, and volume
Measures of variability

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Science Topics
Grade 5
Explore cells, their organelles, how cells work together to create body systems.
How living things grow and reproduce.
Understand what makes up ecosystems and how energy moves through them
The three states of matter and how matter changes
Mixtures and solutions, what affects dissolving
How light and sound waves travel
Balanced and unbalanced forces/Newton's Laws of Motion
Grade 6
Infer how all matter is composed of atoms and subatomic particles
Arrangement of elements on the periodic table
The formation of compounds
Different forms of energy and how energy travels
Ways light and sound travel
Earth's surface; minerals and rocks
The atmosphere on Earth and the different cycles on our planet
The universe, our solar system